Formation? What's that and why is Common Grace into it? Good question!

As you probably know, we describe Common Grace as ‘a movement of Christians who are passionate about Jesus and justice.' For us, ‘Jesus and justice’ aren’t just a couple of words that start with the same letter and work well as a catchy phrase. Like many of you, we’ve seen how social justice can often become divorced from the Lord of justice and peace. Yet we believe that real change takes place in community, when individuals submit their lives to Jesus’ lordship and, empowered by his Spirit, begin to live in obedience to him.

In fact, we believe that Jesus’ justice on earth is embodied by his people as we learn to follow Jesus’s ways... so a central part of Common Grace is helping us all to love Jesus more dearly and follow him more nearly in the hope that we will be more like him. 

The pages below are different ways we've tried to encourage Christians around Australia to engage with Jesus - hearing his words in the scriptures, invitations to pray, reflections by Christian leaders - all in the hope that we drawer closer to Jesus and are sent into his world in beauty, generosity and justice.