Our justice teams have pulled together questions to help you engage in conversation with your local candidates and to provide you with a way to evaluate what candidates are saying.

We hope these questions will resource you as you engage with candidates whether in personal conversations, at forums, or over email.

We’ve provided questions for each justice and campaign area and if you support all Common Grace’s justice and campaign areas we’ve come up with five overall questions. If you are sending the questions in an email to candidates - just copy and paste!

We'd love to hear how you go!

If you are passionate about all Common Grace’s justice and campaign areas:

I am one of more than 56,000 Australian Christians that are part of the Common Grace movement. We are passionate about Jesus and justice. I will vote for a candidate who shows #CommonGrace. With that in mind could you please answer the following questions:

  1. People seeking asylum justice - How will you provide protection and freedom for people seeking safety on our shores?
  2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice - How will you support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in their long standing calls for justice?
  3. Creation and Climate justice - What strong policy action will you take to protect our next generations from the worst impacts of climate change?
  4. Domestic and Family Violence - When women who want to escape violent relationships reach out for help, too often there is none available. What help will you provide so they can be safe?
  5. We long to see deep listening and generosity toward the marginalised in our nation. How will you show more common grace in the way you govern?
Click here if you are passionate about justice for People Seeking Asylum.
Click here if you are passionate about justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Click here if you are passionate about and support the Domestic and Family Violence campaign.
Click here if you are passionate about and support the Creation and Climate Justice campaign and justice for those facing ecological degradation and climate disruption.


Unsure of which electorate you live in and who your election candidates are? Check the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to help identify your electorate to see the list of all candidates in your electorate - https://www.aec.gov.au/election/candidates.htm

Wikipedia also has a full list of the candidates running in your electorate.

You can also search via Google and Facebook as candidates regularly use social media.

The Australian Parliament House website provides details and contact information for your current federal MP and Senators. 


Vote Compass https://votecompass.abc.net.au/ - Find out how your views compare to Australian political parties' policies by using Vote Compass for the 2022 Federal Election.

They Vote for You www.theyvoteforyou.org.au  - Insight into how your current MP and Senators have previously voted.