Christians United for Afghanistan

Please join Common Grace, and Christians from across Australia, in our urgent call for welcome, compassion, protection and support for Afghan refugees and their families. Sign the Christians United for Afghanistan Call now

Our hearts ache over the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan.

The scenes of chaos at the airport, the desperation of people fleeing for their lives, and the stories – particularly from Afghan women and girls – about what this change will mean for their human rights and their livelihoods, are devastating.  

It is so hard to watch. And it is hard to not feel a degree of helplessness and hopelessness. The history of this crisis is long, and its complexities run deep. 

But the need is too great for us to ignore.  

As the crisis in Afghanistan unfolds, Christians, and followers of Jesus, from across these lands now called Australia, alongside a wider public movement, are being moved to speak boldly to our national leaders to provide urgent action for the well being of Afghan refugees. 

Common Grace has joined with Christians in Australia calling for urgent action by signing onto the Christians United for Afghanistan Call.

We ask you to join us in this important and urgent call for action.

Please add your voice calling for welcome, compassion, protection and support for Afghan refugees and their families by signing the Christians United for Afghanistan Call

The call is simple:

We, the Australian Church, are calling on the Federal Government to welcome a special intake of an additional 20,000 Afghan refugees, and support the ongoing well-being of all Afghan refugees and their families. 

Sign our urgent call

This is a loud and urgent call from Christians across all walks of life and perspectives, united in concern for the well-being of the Afghan community. 

It is our hope that as we unite as Christians, and show the Australian government that our Christian call to love our neighbours takes more than words - it takes action, that these lands now called Australia will be known as a place of compassion and welcome for those who need safety.  

Please join us in action. 

This call joins our Christian voice to the sector wide calls and asks our Australian Government to follow the lead of Canada, in offering 20,000 additional resettlement places for refugees fleeing Afghanistan, to provide security for Afghani’s in Australia on temporary protection visas or in detention, and to increase our humanitarian aid for refugees and asylum seekers in the region. 

We can do this. We have done it before. Moved by the images of despair and loss from Syria, thousands of Australians acted and called for compassion, and our Government responded by offering an extra 12,000 places for Syrian refugees.  

We encourage you to join us in taking action today and signing the Christians United for Afghanistan Call


Together we can make a difference.