DAY 5 - Sexual Violence


“The Bible says, “They (the soldiers) stripped Him” (Matthew 27:28). Jesus was stripped naked, mocked, and crucified naked. Jesus knows how I felt before my husband. Church leaders murdered Jesus; none of them took Him seriously. Jesus knows how I felt before my church leaders.” [1]


Sexual abuse in relationships is not something that is readily disclosed or discussed. It feels shameful to admit your own partner treats you as if your sole purpose is to provide your body whenever and however they want sex.  But that is not God’s intent. God designed sexual relationships to reflect a sacred oneness of unselfishness, safety and mutual love. [2]

Intimate partner sexual violence can take many forms. It may involve a person making threats to a person if they do not agree to a sexual act. It may include forcing them to watch pornography. It can include rape, and it can also include forcing someone to participate in a sexual act they have not consented to, whether or not they have already consented to other sexual acts in the relationship.

A recent study showed that intimate partner sexual violence generally occurs in the context of other forms of violence and is often part of a larger pattern of coercive control in a relationship.[3] Victims of this kind of violence are less likely to seek help than victims of other forms of domestic violence.

“Been married for 25 years and have been made to act, see and tell stories that repulse me. I was told according to the Bible that my body belonged to him. I now no longer desire a relationship and have no respect for him. We have 4 children and do not get along. I feel no love and give no love.” Sincerely Sad n Trapped


God of our bodies, we pray especially today for victims of sexual abuse. For those who are being or have been hurt by the person who is supposed to love and respect them. We grieve with you over the harm done to so many. You formed each of us in our mother’s womb. Any wrong done to one of your creatures is done also to you. Lord hear their cries.

For those whose trust in partners or family has been betrayed, we ask for your help and we ask for your justice. Please provide people who will listen, understand, and care. Please help us to show them the love of Jesus if they reach out to us.

God, pour out your boundless resources of love and compassion on those who have been hurt in this way. Amen.


Watch ‘Consent: it’s as simple as tea’ – a brilliant video on consent in sexual relationships