'Inspire' by Safina Stewart

Artist Statement

This piece is titled “Inspire”. It is an aerial landscape with many hidden elements that I’d love to invite you to spend time reflecting on and exploring. 

The artwork is a visual story about the resources and supports we have as Christians to work together towards friendship, Reconciliation and justice in Australia inspired by the incredible Aboriginal Christian Leaders of the past.


  • A RIVER symbolises God’s spirit that gives life to country and community
  • CAMPFIRES symbolise the strength of community 
  • CONNECTED CIRCLES to signify pathways for partnership
  • PEOPLE as individuals and groups making difference
  • Sets of FOOTPRINTS walking together for reconciliation
  • The cool FIRE in cultural burning that cleans and replenishes the Land
  • MOUNTAINS highlight the beauty of the landscapes
  • The CROSS of Christ, His love imbedded in the landscape.

I have also made the artwork into a colouring in activity as a gift for young and old. I invite you to make it your own with your choice of colours - don't hold back! As you colour, make space to pray and reflect. Below the image you are welcome to write a prayer of petition and thanks or a poem reflecting on your place in the journey of reconciliation.

We’d love to see your masterpieces. Send a photo of your colouring in to [email protected] 


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