Did you attend a Walk for Reconciliation in the year 2000?

If you were in Sydney yes that means the one across the Sydney Harbour Bridge! In Sydney it was a two day event called Corroboree 2000 held on 27 & 28 May 2000 and is still the largest gathering of people in Australia's history (250,000). If you were in Brisbane that means the one across the William Jolly Bridge! Various other walks were held right around Australia - let us know if you were at any of them.

If you were, please help us celebrate the 20th anniversary throughout this year!

We would love to see any photos that you can dig out, but if you don't have any photos, or if you weren't at one of the Walks, we'd still love to hear your reflections on the questions below!

Please note that anything you share with us may be used on our website or our social media platforms. 

Please email us at reconciliation@commongrace.org.au with the following:

- Any photos 

- Which city you were in

- How old were you at the time

- Who is in the photo

- Any story with the photo i.e. were you part of a group or delegation

- In one or two sentences - "Why did you Walk for Reconciliation in the year 2000?"  

- In one or two sentences - "What has changed in the last 20 years and what are you presently doing for Reconciliation?"

- In one or two sentences - "What is your vision of Reconciliation for the next 20 years?"


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