Want more info on Earth Overshoot Day?

Global Footprint Network, an international research organisation that provides decision-makers with a menu of tools to help the human economy operate within Earth’s ecological limits organises Earth Overshoot Day each year.

Earth Overshoot Day, is the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what the Earth can regenerate in that year. 

Australia’s Overshoot Day is March 22nd, the date on which Earth Overshoot Day would fall if all of humanity consumed like Australia's population does. If everyone lived like Australia we would need 4.5 planets. 

Australia consumes beyond the capacity of the Earth, our home, to sustain us. 

For more information on each Country's Overshoot Days in 2021 see here.

For more information on how Earth Overshoot Day is calculated see here.

There are a range of great resources available at https://www.overshootday.org/


Register to participate in the online event at 8pm AEDT on March 22nd here and receive the zoom link via email.

Online Prayer Vigil for Earth Overshoot Day