A Christian Response to Saeed

We are calling on all Australian Christians to make a stand for Saeed. How? Simply SHOW UP, SPEAK UP, SIGN, & SHARE.

As Christians, we have a very clear biblical teaching regarding people seeking asylum.

We are taught to welcome the stranger and show them hospitality. That, as Matthew 25 teaches us, anything we do to those people who our society considers “the least of these,” we actually do to Jesus.

In addition, we believe in praying for our governmental leaders and paying our taxes and treating all people, including our politicians, with respect.

We also know that Christ calls us to be salt and light in our world, following in the long Christian tradition of what is often described as “telling truth to power” that is exampled by the prophets, Jesus, and Christians throughout history.

Given that:

1.     Saeed’s case appears to be one where a vulnerable person has “fallen through the cracks” of our justice system; and

2.     As Christians, we have a very clear mandate to both extend hospitality to Saeed and to advocate for him to those in authority,



1.     SHOW UP – in person at a Vigil at Villawood Detention Centre

2.     SPEAK UP – by sending an email to the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton

3.     SIGN – Sign this petition encouraging Qantas and Emirates to refuse to deport Saeed.

4.    SHARE – the ONLY chance we have of saving Saeed is our politicians believing that the Australian people want it, so we need lots of people speaking up. Can you text, tweet, FB message or insta tag 10 friends and ask them to also spread the word? And please always use the hashtag #SaveSaeed so that our efforts will be included as part of the wider community response.