Common Grace is excited to be sharing a special series of book reviews during Book Week 2022! 

Books are a wonderful way to help open up new ways of seeing, experiencing and exploring our world - helping spark conversation and navigate complex issues to bring hope and build empathy in our journey to acknowledge and respond to issues of injustice. 

Join us this week as we celebrate Book Week, exploring the 2022 Book Week theme of 'Dreaming with eyes open...' with book reviews from Dr Mick Pope, Common Grace's Creation and Climate Justice Coordinator Jane Kelly, Sue Smith, Meredith Walker-Harding and more. 

Explore this special series below:


Saving Us: Katharine Hayhoe’s vision of hope

Dr Mick Pope reflects of Katharine Hayhoe’s vision of hope in her new book 'Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World'


Raising Kids Who Care

Children's Pastor Sue Smith reflects on how Susy Lee’s unique and engaging book, Raising Kids Who Care, helps families engage in deep conversations for change.

(Nominated for Christian Book of the Year 2022)

Echoes of a Much Older Story

Meredith Walker-Harding reflects on Rev Dr Aunty Denise Champion’s book Anaditj, an invitation to listen to the gospel of Christ in a new, ancient, way.


We must keep talking about refugees

Christians in particular have reason to keep talking about refugees given the Bible has much to say on this issue. Dr Ebony Birchall reflects on the book 'Refuge Reimagined'

(Nominated for Christian Book of the Year 2022)

Windows on Nature: Reflections on God

Jane Kelly, Common Grace Creation and Climate Justice Coordinator reflects on the visual and biblical feast celebrating our beautiful common home in the new book from Bob and Evelyn McDonald.


You can also revisit our children’s book recommendations (and reviews from our kids) as part of our Book Week celebrations last year, here. Explore further recommended children’s books by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice team here and Creation and Climate Justice team here

We would love to hear your own book recommendations! 

To celebrate Book Week 2022 please share your recommendations of books you or your children love and have helped spark great conversations for change. 

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