Children's Resources

There are many wonderful resources for leading Children into engaging with Aboriginal culture, history and injustice.


Always be mindful to check that any book you're considering that presents itself as Aboriginal, is actually by Aboriginal people. As an example, just because a book in titled Dreamtime stories doesn’t necessarily mean that the author is an Aboriginal person or that the artwork is by an Aboriginal person.

All books below are by Aboriginal authors, except for two which are co-authored by a Non-Indigenous person, and they have been grouped into categories for your guidance.


Books developed by Aboriginal Christian Leaders


Jesus Christ, Boolanga Yira Nop-ang Koorlangwetta Bardip  |  Jesus Christ, Son of God Birth Story

Translations by Tim Little
Illustrations by Daphne Davis
The Perth Dicesan Trustees, 2014
ISBN 9780646932118


The Saga of King Waa-Gun

Written by John Long Illustrated by Kirralaa Karrimbi
Boolarong Press, 2017
ISBN 9781925522679


Walking to Corroboree

Walking to Corroboree is a gentle story that tells of the harmony that existed between the land and the First Australians who walked softly on it for at least 60,000 years.

The language of the Adnyamathanha people of the Northern Flinders Rangers in South Australia is embedded throughout the storyline.  It is an honour and a privilege given to the reader to incorporate one of the few Aboriginal languages still spoken today.

Available here and watch Rhanee Tsetsakos read Walking to Corroboree here.

Written and Illustrated by Anne Kerr (Non-Indigenous) & Rhanee Tsetsakos (Aboriginal Christian Leader)
Boolarong Press, 2018
ISBN 9781925522747


Sorry Sorry

Sorry Sorry is a great resource for the first step to informing young children of a significant aspect of Australian history, as it includes age-appropriate illustrations and dialogue. This book can also be used as an introduction to understanding the journey of Reconciliation with Australia’s First Peoples. 

The hope is that Sorry Sorry can be used to enable other educators, be they teachers, family or friends, to begin the conversation of Australia’s early history with the young people in their lives. It is hoped that Sorry Sorry will go some way in helping build a platform where understanding, appreciation and respect for “All Peoples” can be built.

Available here and here.

By Anne Kerr (Non-Indigenous Author), Artwork by Marda Pitt (Aboriginal Christian Leader)
Boolarong Press, 2019
ISBN 9781925877359



Uplifting and educational books by First Nations Authors and Illustrators 

Come Together: Things Every Aussie Kid Should Know about the First Peoples 
Available here

Written by Isaiah Firebrace and illustrated by Jaelyn Biumaiwai 
Hardie Grant Explore, 2022
ISBN: 9781741178166

Young Dark Emu

This version is recommended for all ages, not just children. Available here.

By Bruce Pascoe
Magabala Books, 2019
ISBN 9781925360844


Welcome to Country

This multi-award-winning picture book is an expansive and generous Welcome to Country from a most respected Elder, Aunty Joy Murphy, beautifully given form by Indigenous artist Lisa Kennedy. Available here

Written by Aunty Joy Murphy Illustrated by Lisa Kennedy
Black Dog Books, 2016
ISBN 9781922244871 (Hardback)
ISBN 9781760652005 (Board Book - for young children)


Books about racism


Silly Birds

Written and illustrated by Gregg Dreise
Magabala Books, 2014
ISBN 9781922142993


Fair Skin Black Fella

By Renee Fogorty
Magabala Books, 2010
ISBN 9781921248146


Books that teach language


Gubbi Gubbi Animal Friends

Written by Christine Stuart and Susan Clark
Illustrated by Bianca Clark 
Balu Yabun, 2013
ISBN 9780987540300


Tjitji Tjuta Inmaku Pakantjaka Book (For All the Kids to Dance Ceremony) [Book, DVD, CD]

A project of Carclew, Anangu Education Service and the Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Education Committee.

Carclew, 2014
ISBN 9780646927510 
Note: This book may be difficult to find.


Landscape, wonder and awe



Available here

Written by Aunty Joy Murphy & Andrew Kelly Illustrated by Lisa Kennedy
Black Dog Books, 2019
ISBN 9781925381764


Gubbi Gubbi Bush Tucker Girl

Written by Christine Stuart and Susan Clark
Illustrated by Bianca Clark and Gabrielle Cloutier
Balu Yabun, 2016
ISBN 9780987540317


Possum and Wattle 

By Bronwyn Bancroft
Little Hare, 2008
ISBN 9781921541674


Dreaming Stories


The echidna and the shade tree

Told by Mona Green 
Retold and illustrated by Pamela Lofts
Scholastic Australia, 1984
ISBN 9781865046228


Dunbi the owl

Available here

Told by Daisy Utemorrah
Retold and illustrated by Pamela Lofts
Scholastic Australia, 1983
ISBN 9781865046266


Warnayarra - the Rainbow Snake

Available here

Told by The Senior Boys Class - Lajamanu School
Compiled by Pamela Lofts
Scholastic Australia, 1987
ISBN 9781741699685 (Big Book format)
ISBN 9781865046235 (Paperback)


How the Birds Got Their Colours

Told by Mary Albert
Complied by Pamela Lofts
Scholastic Australia, 2004
ISBN 9781865046242


Stradbroke Dreamtime

By Oodgeroo Nunukul
Angus & Robertson 1972
ISBN 9780207198656


Download A4 printables and colouring-in sheets developed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leader and artist, Safina Stewart. 

National Reconciliation Week Colouring In 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leader and artist, Safina Stewart has created this amazing A4 colouring in for National Reconciliation Week. Why not colour it in with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flag colours — black, red, yellow, blue and green (and white!)!

Download A4 printable



National Sorry Day Colouring In

Safina Stewart also created a colouring in design for National Sorry Day, that is great for all ages.  

Download A4 printable



Chalk Art and Paper Stitching

Get the whole family involved in creating by decorating your driveway or footpath with chalk art and sharing your commitment to #StillWalkingForReconciliation with your neighbours! For those a bit older grab some needle and thread and create a paper stitch