Christian Artists

We are pleased to recommend the following Aboriginal Christian Artists and Musicians:

Art by Safina

Safina Stewart "Melbourne based Indigenous artist, Safina Stewart (nee Fergie), has been involved in community, corporate and private art projects in Melbourne since 2007. Her artwork is beautiful and widely appealing. Being both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander in Indigenous heritage, Safina is able to draw from a rich heritage to create stunning and meaningful artworks. Her Indigenous heritage comes from Mabuiag Island in the Torres Strait and Wuthathi Country in Far North Queensland, and her Non-Indigenous heritage comes from Scotland." (

Uncle Nelson Varcoe

Music has always been a vital part of Nelson Varcoe’s world. He remembers his family singing Gospel songs around the campfire on hot summer nights, with his Uncles playing their guitars. Their songs could be heard all over Point Pearce Mission. When he was 12, he was given his first guitar, but it was later broken, so he cobbled together a box shape and
the surviving neck, and salvaged choke cables from an old T-Model Ford for the strings. He remembers it sounded ‘pretty good’ and it inspired his development as a singer/songwriter. Today, Nelson plays a number of beautiful instruments. He has performed at the Festival Theatre, Adelaide, sung at local and interstate ecumenical gatherings, led worship at Synod and Presbytery meetings and since 2004, been Pastor and worship leader at Adelaide Congress Ministry. This collection of original ‘God-inspired’ songs is his first solo publication.

Uncle Nelson Varcoe's “Gift of Music” (book and CD) is available from Mission Resourcing at UCA SA, for $29.95 (plus $10 for postage and packaging). Email: [email protected] Ph: 08 8236 4200. Payment is by credit card, direct deposit, cheque or cash