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You are invited by Aunty Jean Phillips, Senior Aboriginal Christian Leader, to a National Prayer Gathering led by Aboriginal Christian Leaders to #ChangeTheHeart of Australia before January 26.

When: Tuesday 25 January, 2022

7:30pm AEDT

7:00pm ACDT, 6:30pm AEST, 6:00pm ACST, 4:30pm AWST

Where: Tune into the national broadcast on ACCTV, the Common Grace website or join a local screening. 

Sign up today and commit to watching #ChangeTheHeart 2022 to receive further resources to help you engage deeper and participate as we hear the call in 2022. 


Share this opportunity with your church and community networks, inviting them to #ChangTheHeart 2022. If you or your church or community would like to screen #ChangeTheHeart 2022 please sign up here. Promotional resources will be provided.    


January 26 is a difficult time for many people across these lands now called Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are feeling many emotions and are hurting, grieving, mourning, and commemorating survival, on this day. That’s why gathering together to listen and learn and pray for a nation built on truth, justice, love and hope is so important. 


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