Aboriginal Christian Leader Adam Gowan reflects on a vision of unity in our diversity and the true reconciliation of all things.

Adam Gowen is a Wiradjuri man currently living in Ulladulla NSW. With his wife Lisa, and his three young children, Adam attends Highway Christian Church.

How does being a Christian and desiring Reconciliation go together for you?

In 2 Corinthians all Christians are called to the ministry of Reconciliation. I think this scripture has broader application than simply the reconciliation of God and people. True Reconciliation for me must also involve reconciliation to ourselves, other people, and also to the Earth (including all elements of 'Country' - plants, waters, minerals, animals etc) from which we have been (and are being) created. 

What do you hope for our nation?

I hope for understanding, compassion, and love; in short I hope for true community, a unity in our diversity. 

When have you seen the broader Australian Church at its best in embodying/living out Reconciliation? What would you like to see?

I think we have a way to go on this front. While there are elements and individuals that walk the talk I would love to see a broader acceptance of Aboriginal culture as an element of the culture of the Kingdom of God. Indigenous understandings have much to offer the western church so that a fuller picture of the character and identity of God may be revealed in the midst of our diverse community, but a humility to receive this perspective is needed so that this practice can be initiated. 

You can read more of Adam's story on the Grasstree Gathering website.

Reflect, Pray, Think, Act

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." - John 15:13

Jesus describes the ultimate gift of friendship as the ‘laying down of one’s life for one’s friends’. He lives his words, and opens up friendship with God and each other at the foot of his cross. Pray you will open yourself to costly friendship this Reconciliation week.

National Reconciliation Week 2018’s theme is Don’t Keep History a Mystery – Learn, Share, Grow. Australians know so little about the history of this land. Do you know of the key moments in Australia's history?

  • What was David Uniapon famous for and what Aboriginal community did he hail from?
  • What documents enabled the first legal recognition of Aboriginal people in Australian Parliament?
  • What was recommendation 339 of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody?
  • What is the name of the festival where in 1988 a Statement was given to then Prime Minister Bob Hawke asking for a Treaty?

You can learn more about these moments on Common Grace's Historical Moments page. Do you know our history? Research and find out more.



Adam Gowen is a Wiradjuri man currently living in Ulladulla NSW.  With his wife Lisa, and his three young children, Adam attends Highway Christian Church.

This post is the third in our Reconciliation as Friendship series celebrating Aboriginal Christian leaders from the Grasstree Gathering and sharing their perspectives on Reconciliation. Artwork by Jasmin Roberts, used with permission.

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