Solidarity with #SOSBlakAustralia

Today we stood in solidarity with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters, opposing any forced closures to Aboriginal homeland communities. #‎SOSBlakAustralia

Across the world 85 gatherings met to stand against the forced closure of communities.

As followers of Jesus, we know the wonder of being reconciled to God. We know the beauty of reconciliation. But we also know that reconciliation doesn’t come cheap - Jesus died on a cross - and calls us to live out real repentance. Repentance comes with change. 

A policy of forced closure of Aboriginal homeland communities, however, simply repeats the past. It is an attack on reconciliation, that renders the saying of ‘sorry’ utterly meaningless.

You can find more out about the proposed closure of Aboriginal communities and the invitation for faith communities to take part in the Rallies here.

You can sign our petition to the WA Premier here. Our ask is that the Western Australian government to cease any decisions on the funding or closures of 150 Indigenous homeland communities. A full impact assessment and public consultation process must be engaged in. The voices of those for whom these communities are their homes, must be heard.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice