Yes. Rohingyans Still at Sea

Yes. Rohingyans Still at Sea

Yes. Rohingyans still at sea. Call on Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to show mercy on our behalf... and pray!

They are still there. They are still stranded. Call on Foreign Minister Julie Bishop & Pray.


While the Indonesian and Malaysian governments have promised temporary shelter to the Rohingyans, they will only provide this once other countries promise to re-settle them. In the meantime they are still suffering at sea. 

It is time to shout Yes, Yes, Yes to mercy for desperate people seeking safety. 

Tweet, Julie Bishop @JulieBishopMP

Write to Julie Bishop directly: [email protected]

"#YesYesYes to #ResettlingRohingyas"

And pray. Pray for the Rohingyas to find a home.

Prayer Points - please pray specifically that:

  • The Rohingyas are helped off the boats and given shelter.          
  • A search and rescue operation is launched to find other boats from Myanmar.
  • Governments work together to end the persecution of the Rohingyas.
  • Governments provide a clear 'front door' for refugees to seek asylum in our region so that they aren't forced to come on boats.
  • Australia takes a lead in the region by giving the Rohingyas and other refugees a permanent home.
  • The people of Australia will be generous and offer welcome to those in need.

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