The vision for 2017

As our world becomes increasingly divided, our movement of passionate Christians embodying Jesus gracious and compassionate voice is needed now more than ever before.

As a global community in 2017 we face some serious challenges, prompting many of us Christians to consider what our role is in our world more thoughtfully than we ever have before. Should we engage in public conversation at all, or is it merely a distraction from our calling to direct people to Jesus?

Many of us sense that, more than ever, a Christian voice that is balances biblical faithfulness, with grace, and care for others, has something truly valuable to contribute to our national conversation. Yet, in a globalised, digital world we find ourselves needing resources from different traditions so that we can wrestle with what the Bible has to say about justice, before we are able to engage.

And once we do know what we want to do – how do we actually do it? More than ever we need resources and tools that help us act for justice without neglecting the responsibilities we have to our friends, families, work mates and church communities.

So, in 2017 we're focusing on our energy on five key outcomes: