It's gonna take all of us

Common Grace is a movement of people like you, a collective of passionate Christians who believe the gospel calls us to pursue justice in Jesus' name.

When we first launched Common Grace and articulated our vision, we said:

That we would see a movement rise, bringing together followers of Jesus from across the breadth of the Church, empowered by the Spirit and united in the hope that God’s healing justice would roll out like a river across this land.

United for the common good. Together, finding common ground. Sharing in common grace. And living the beauty, generosity and justice, fully revealed in Jesus, that God extends to all.

A people of Common Grace, who are seeking to be MORE LIKE JESUS.

Over two years later - and in an era of history when 'echo chamber' social media and 'fake news' are proving to be serious challenges - we are convinced that the diversity of our Common Grace community is a greater strength than ever before!

Our community may be somewhere around the 30k mark these days, but that number actually represents thousands of individuals who bring diverse understandings and perspectives that we can all learn from as we wrestle through the application of our faith in Jesus.

Have a look at the contributors to our recent Advent campaign or meet some of our movement on this page to get a glimpse of the diversity found in our community – it's quite stunning!

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Jessica Smith
“I have received abundant grace in the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to overflow with his gracious love to the world in all kinds of ways. I’m excited about Common Grace helping me love some of my more vulnerable neighbours.”
Tanya Riches
Hillsong Church
“I love the idea of Australian Christians participating together in making our nation a better place. Although in the past we have been too easily divided, we have so many issues that we share. Common Grace helps us understand the power of our common voice – it focuses us to act together, to celebrate wins together, and face our concerns together.”
Shane Fenwick
St George's Anglican, Paddington
“When I think of Common Grace, I am excited, energised, and inspired. To see how far this movement has progressed is a real testament to not just the people behind it, but the way in which the Spirit is moving to unite the Australian Church to speak with one prophetic voice.”
Chris Friend
Collective Hope
“It is wonderful to see Christians taking Jesus’s words to “love our neighbour” seriously. In definitive, quantifiable, and lasting work towards helping the homeless, refugees, and similar groups in need, we see the hope of the gospel at work through Common Grace!”
Aleem Ali
Lead Pastor , Hope City Church
“A voice that echoes the heart of God. A heart to seek the peace and prosperity of the cities in which we reside. To see our relationships with each other and creation restored. The oppressed, find justice. The stranger, welcomed.”
Rachel Neary
Alice Springs Baptist
“Jesus life and words show us that justice matters. I’m excited that Common Grace also believes this and encourages us to live this.”
Haydn Nelson
“Common Grace wonderfully reminds us that the proclamation of Jesus is deeply connected to the practise of justice – that when we care intentionally and practically about the stuff Jesus cares about, we are following him and becoming more like him. There’s no better way to live.”
Elenie Poulos
National Director , UnitingJustice Australia
“Common Grace has shown what Christians can do when we come together to answer Jesus’ call to work for a just and peaceful world. The clear and gentle, calm and strong, prophetic voice of Common Grace is a beacon of hope!”
Sophia van Gent
Westcity Church, Perth
“Common Grace’s work demonstrates how God’s love can change the world and how we, as Christians, can follow’s Jesus’ call for justice and to love our neighbour. Congratulations Common Grace!”
Mark Conner
Speaker, Author, Coach , CityLife
“I’m excited about how Common Grace is presenting such an authentic expression of the heart of Jesus for our world today.”
Kylie Beach
“I LOVE the diversity of the Common Grace community & truly believe that we have much good to contribute to Australia, as we allow our hearts to be united by our common experience of Jesus’s love & extend the grace he’s lavished on us to others.”
Timothy McCloud
“Throughout history Christians have been at the lead of movements of justice throughout the world. To see Common Grace taking up that mantle is leadership the church greatly needs.”
Julia Baird
Journalist and Author , ABC Journalist
“The Bible could not be clearer on the importance of protecting the vulnerable, caring for the weak and speaking on behalf of the voiceless. Common Grace is doing crucial work.”
Ben Hood
Mount Gambier Uniting Church
“Common Grace, what a beautiful thing and in only six months showing Australia what we as followers of Christ can do in this world. Not to judge but to bring justice, not to condemn but to show mercy! Diversity without division, amazing stuff!”
Arthur Davis
CMS Australia
“Jesus called himself the light of the world and, amazingly, called us the same thing! I see Common Grace shaping up as an important way of expressing this today.”
Tamie Davis
CMS Australia
“Jesus left the splendour of heaven to be born poor and oppressed, and to die bringing life to the whole world. Christian witness to him must mean identifying with others who are marginalised, and loving them as he did.”
Tess Corkish
Catholic Earthcare Australia
“We need a strong and compassionate movement of Christians to tackle the climate crisis. We also need to follow Christ to love our neighbours in the refugees who ask us for help.”
Lena Snook
Mundaring Anglican Church
“We as God’s people are called to live our lives the way Jesus lived his by demonstrating love to everyone and bringing Justice to this world. Common Grace encourages Christians to open up their hearts and show love to those who need it.”
Robert Howie
Festival Coordinator , Beyond Festival
“It’s a no brainer for me that Christians should be at the forefront of speaking up for the marginalised and least in our global community. As Bono sings, ‘Grace finds beauty in everything’.”
Peter Branjerdporn
“Years ago I was ashamed to be known as a Christian, but I loved Jesus. His life and teachings guided my life, but what represented Christianity was just not Christlike. Today, Common Grace makes me proud to be a Christian who loves Jesus and justice.”
Meredith Lake
Campsie Baptist
“Jesus showed us that grace is at the heart of everything and I want to live in step with him – loving God and loving my neighbours, especially the most vulnerable of people.”
Paul Lockyer
Beckenham Community Church
“Common grace is far too uncommon in the way we respond to this world. Compassion and generosity is the way of Christ and is to be our way too.”
Dale Hewitt
Pastor , DreamBuilders
“Common Grace is shifting the perspective of the wider community’s view of the church in Australia, showcasing the diversity of the church in Australia & mobilising the local churches of Australia to make a continuing positive difference in this great country.”
Bethany Koch
Fitzroy North Community Church
“Australian Christians are being captivated by an image of a restored future- freedom from oppression, earth renewed, justice reigning & a day where every tear is wiped away. Together Common Grace paints this image in the public & political sphere.”