We'll need your support

Without the support of our movement we cannot exist, and ask you to consider how you can support Common Grace in 2017.

For Common Grace to be financially viable in the future, we need to transition to a movement funded model. That is, we need the majority of our funding to be sourced from the movement itself.

At present, we are entirely funded by donations from members, like-minded organisations and grants, and funding that is linked to specific campaign partnerships. This has given us an excellent foundation to launch and become established.

Our current funding model, however, requires an investment of time and energy from our team that constrains our progress and is ultimately unsustainable moving forward.

A movement funded model, in contrast, allows our budget (and therefore the work we do) to be directly proportional to the support of our members. It is an excellent model that keeps us accountable for the stewardship of resources moving forward.