Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice intro

When we imagine the world as God intends for it to be, it is a picture of unfathomable love manifesting as beauty, goodness and grace. In Australia, we believe it’s a picture of our nation listening deeply to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the truth of our shared history. A picture where pursuing reconciliation brings an end to injustices, and the oldest continuing cultures in the world are celebrated as a blessing to us all.

The history of our nation deeply affects the present and our future.

For over 60,000 years, 300 Aboriginal nations with over 600 dialects of language dwelt on the continent we now call Australia. Over 2,000 generations of Aboriginal people lived and died here.

In 1770 Captain Cook landed on Possession Island and began the dangerous story of Australia, which for Aboriginal peoples is filled with dispossession, disease, death and ongoing disadvantage.

All Australians are harmed by what has happened to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Only together - with prayer, lament, deep listening, friendship and collective action for justice - can we build a strong reconciled Australia.


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