Get your church involved

Over time we'll be adding more opportunities for churches to support survivors and confront domestic violence within our communities and as a national issue that needs addressing. For now two things your church can do is learn together, and pray together.

Learn together

Start a journey exploring the realities of domestic & family violence here in Australia with your congregation. To help with this, we’ve put together 16 Days of educational resources for you /and your community to use to get yourself educated and prayerful about domestic and family violence. All our resources are available here. Why not set aside 16 days to get more aware of this topic and reflect on how you and your church community could respond. 

Another great place to find resources for churches is Restored Relationships, an international Christian alliance working to transform relationships and end violence against women. They have 63 Resources for churches to learn together, such as bible studies, prayers, church packs, self-assessment tools, etc.


Pray together

We'd also encourage you to include domestic & family violence issues within your prayer times as a community. We've put some guiding prayers together to help you in your services. Click here to go to prayer resources page

Do you need support?

The following Domestic and Family Violence support services are available: