Day 7

Join Ben Thurley in confronting our leaders’ inaction on climate disruption.

Perhaps you have come to royal dignity for just such a time as this.

Esther 4:14


When Queen Esther learned of Haman's genocidal plot against God’s people, she hesitated. To approach the King uninvited was illegal, and the penalty was death. 

Surely she must simply obey the law and hope that God would send deliverance from elsewhere. Yet Mordecai presses her to speak to the King. Nobody else is coming to save them. “Perhaps you have come to royalty dignity for just such a time as this.” Are Christians – raised to royal dignity as children of God – called to the same risky obedience? Climate change harms people and God's creation. Political indifference and greed fuels an ecocidal plot. Will we act?


Take Action

Take action by supporting School Strike for Climate events on May 15, as students from around the world confront government inaction on climate disruption. #CLIMATESTRIKEONLINE #SS4C #BUILDABETTERFUTURE

Join Common Grace and Australian Christians as we pray for creation and climate justice here:

Join the National School Strike for Climate here:

Join a Local School Strike for Climate here:

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Ben Thurley has been a long time campaigner on issues of poverty and inequality, accountable government and climate change and has a passion for encouraging and equipping all Australians – especially Christians – to stand and speak up for justice. 



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