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If you haven’t realised already a global pandemic is affecting the world. For many it seems like their “world” has been disrupted.  

Many of us through the disruption of living in a global pandemic have had to change our “normal” actions. Our everyday lives have been disrupted, and we now reconsider, reassess, and reorganise our daily activities - that precious visit to see grandparents or aging parents, a coffee or cuppa with a friend, homes converted into a workplace or a school, or for some, how they will simply put food on the table.  

But yet when we look to our planet the disruption may be having a positive impact. 

The earth is shaking less, waterways are becoming clearer, the bird song seems louder, and the air is cleaner from less cars on the road and less planes in the air. Maybe it is time for Australia’s high speed rail network - just an idea Prime Minister! The earth and all of creation seems to be catching its breath or breathing more deeply. The question is for how long will we be able to breathe more deeply?  

A global pandemic does not lessen the fact we are living in a disrupted climate. Inger Andersen, the head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), cautioned that COVID-19 is not a silver lining for the environment, as these positive impacts are only temporary. Ice sheets continue to melt, the earth continues to be destroyed through mining, and native forests continue to be logged. Common Grace recently joined the National Call to immediately halt logging of remaining native forests in the wake of the bushfire catastrophe. Australia may be approaching winter but for many, the bushfires are not a distant memory but still a lived reality.  

In the midst of this global pandemic we want to take action for Creation and Climate justice. We want our daily lives, in whatever form our lives now take, to be disrupted for Jesus and Justice.  Imagine in a time of disruption, spending each day, for a week doing something for creation, doing something with God. That is my prayer.  

We have pulled together some key voices to lead us on a week of Daily Disruptions for Creation and Climate Justice. Each day for seven days starting from tomorrow, you will receive a bible verse, a short reflection, and an action for you to take. Tomorrow happens to be World Earth Day and is the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day. The 2020 theme is climate action so what better day to start!  

Come and be disrupted with Adam Gowen, me, Jason John, Jessica Morthorpe, Byron Smith, Mick Pope, and Ben Thurley as we journey with God for creation and climate justice by listening, connecting, protecting, advocating, hoping, creating, and confronting.  

To see justice for Creation and Climate will obviously take much more than a daily action for seven days, but let us continue, or for some start, the journey, and let’s see where this action and Jesus leads us to take even more action together into the future.  

I hope you enjoy the journey and we would love you to share the journey with us along the way by sharing in the comments on Facebook each day.  

Yours in caring for creation,


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