Day 3

Jason John urges us to reclaim our true purpose in God’s creation - to serve and protect, rather than reap and keep.

The LORD God took the ‘adam’ and put it in the garden of delight to till it and keep it.

Genesis 2:15


Since time out of mind

God’s garden, gardened itself

Microbes made compost, worms aerated soil, wind spread seed

Humans arrived, struggled then thrived

Took our true purpose and buried it deep

in our subconscious.

‘abad and shamar (to serve and protect)

Became to till and keep

Then reap and keep

And reap and keep and reap and keep and reap and keep

And yet

God still waits at the gate

For the reapers to mend their prodigal ways

and come home before it’s too late


Calling through the First People of this land now called Australia

Calling through those who have left the pig pen

Calling again

“Serve and protect”

From those reapers who keep and keep and keep

So that God’s garden of pleasure can garden itself

Back to health.


Take Action

Take action by protecting and serving God’s creation today. Rescue a worm trapped in the sun, buy free-range, support the RSPCA or Wildlife Rescue, or sign the petition to reassess logging operations in areas of NSW affected by bushfire. Delight in a garden near you, a pot plant, a tiny piece of moss clinging to a pavement crack, the community veggie patch you pass while exercising. Plant something if you are able - something you can eat, or a native to provide food and shelter for wildlife.

Share how you have taken action or even a picture of your "garden" in a comment on our Facebook post.


Jason John became a Christian after graduating in zoology, and has spent most of his ministry helping the church explore the connections between faith and ecology, and to respond. He lives in the forest in Bellingen with his family and many non-human neighbours.



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