Video Resources

NAIDOC Week 2019, "Voice, Treaty, Truth' sermon by Brooke Prentis. 


Lent, Parables Series 2019, Brooke Prentis reflects on the Parable of the Good Samaritan.


NAIDOC Week 2018, “Because of her, we can!” Brooke Prentis interviews Aunty Jean Phillips, July 2018


Pastor Ray Minniecon's teaching as part of our 2016 Lent Series with the theme Love Thy Neighbour. 


‘Rethinking Reconciliation’, Brooke Prentis Keynote address QCommons Gold Coast, posted 26 May 2018


The Annual Tinsley lecture, ‘Reclaiming Community:  Mission, Church, and Aboriginal Wisdom’, by Brooke Prentis, 26 March 2018

You can also find this article in print here


Grasstree Gathering 2018 video, March 2018


Brooke Prentis and Shane Clifton reflect on The Beatitude 'Blessed are those who mourn'


‘Our Languages Matter’, Brooke Prentis on NAIDOC 2017 Sermon, July 2017


Grasstree Gathering 2014 video, October 2014

View here. 


Love God, Love Neighbour, Love Enemy, Brooke Prentis Keynote Address Surrender Adelaide, 29 September 2016


My Dream for the Australian Church, Brooke Prentis Keynote Address Surrender Melbourne, 23 March 2015


Who is my Neighbour?, Brooke Prentis Logan Uniting Church sermon, 14 September 2014


Uncle Ray Minniecon on 'Authentically Indigenous and Authentically Christian', 2017


Safina Stewart speaks with Peter McHugh on the meaning of January 26th