Aunty Jean Phillips, Senior Aboriginal Christian Leader, invites the nation to #ChangeTheHeart on Tuesday 25 January 2022 7:30pm AEDT

Join together with open ears, eyes, minds, and hearts, with prayer, and in diverse unity, to #ChangeTheHeart of Australia, as we approach January 26


How to watch #ChangeTheHeart

Find out how you can engage, participate and watch this unique, national service led by Aboriginal Christian Leaders, simulcast on ACCTV, online, and on radio

Gather to watch #ChangeTheHeart

Sign up to host a screening at your venue or find a #ChangeTheHeart screening near you on 25 January

What is #ChangeTheHeart

Read about the invitation from our most Senior Aboriginal Christian Leader, Aunty Jean Phillips to #ChangeTheHeart


How to engage in January 26

Wondering what to do on January 26? Brooke Prentis and Bianca Manning will be sharing a list of the best ways to engage in Jan 26

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