Church Billboard Campaign- Sign up your church!

We'd love to help churches engage with the national conversation through the election period!

Does your church have a billboard? a facebook page? a bulletin? a noticeboard?

Each week we will produce 1 church sign slogan and associated materials for your church to use in multiple ways.

The signs will be politically engaged (but not non-partisan), they'll be thought-provoking with Christian content, and will seek to keep justice & generosity on the agenda through what's likely to be a dry and negative campaign.

Each week you can expect:

  • a basic short church sign idea
  • a poster of the sign that can be printed in various sizes (from A1 to A5) that your church can use in multiple ways (whether on your noticeboard, in a street A-frame or the back of a bathroom door).
  • information for your church bulletin about the slogan - why we've chosen this sign with both Christian and practical content and a prayer - a useful short reflection on a Christian theme that's pertinent to the election that your church can use about the place
  • a matching social media graphic

Sign up below and each week on a Wednesday you'll receive an email so that you've got content for the coming Sunday.