Thank you for engaging with #ChangeTheHeart 2022.

Due to the changing COVID situation across Australia, we understand hosting a face-to-face gathering to watch #ChangeTheHeart 2022 may not be possible for your church or faith community at this time. We would love you to invite your church community to commit to watching #ChangeTheHeart in their homes or as small groups where possible. 

Learn more about how to watch or listen to the service here

If your church is not meeting in person, you may want to organise a post-screening, local online Zoom gathering afterwards to spend time together as a community in discussion and prayer. 

Please note, #ChangeTheHeart is an hour-long broadcast service and will commence at:

  • 7:30pm (New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania)
  • 7pm (South Australia)
  • 6:30pm (Queensland)
  • 6pm (Northern Territory)
  • 4:30pm (Western Australia)

Promotional resources and further information, including an Order of Service and Zoom background, will be made available to everyone who commits to watching or signs up to host a screening. The Order of Service will include prayers and discussion questions to help your community engage further. 

Before the event:

  1. Invite your community to commit to watching #ChangeTheHeart 2022 here
  2. Organise a post event, local online Zoom gathering. One way you may be able to invite people to attend your church’s post #ChangeTheHeart Zoom gathering is by creating a Facebook event or other online event page. This provides the opportunity for you to easily collect RSVPs and would also allow members of your group or congregation to share the event with their friends and family, providing them with the chance to spread the word to those keen to pursue justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as well as Christians who may not have a faith community or space to engage with the issues surrounding January 26 from a faith-based perspective. You can learn how to create a Facebook event here.
  3. You could also choose to promote #ChangeTheHeart and your post zoom gathering at church, through your newsletter or weekly email, and on your church or personal social media. Common Grace promotional resources will be made available for you once you sign up to host or commit to watching


Immediately following the #ChangeTheHeart service, begin your local online event: 

These are just some example to help guide your time together, feel free to lead your post-event Zoom however you feel best suits your group.

  • Open with an Acknowledgement of Country (see: You may want to go around the Zoom room and each person can announce which Country they are located on, or if the group is larger, they can post it in the group chat.
  • Use our discussion questions (see Order of Service booklet for these) to lead discussion with your group about their thoughts and feelings after watching the service (depending on the size of your group, you may choose to share only one word each to describe your feelings). 
  • See the resources from the service (available soon) and go through any of the bible readings and prayers as a group.
  • Look at next steps your group can take by going through Common Grace’s ‘10 ways to Engage with Jan 26’.
  • Please play the video message from Common Grace CEO Brooke Prentis to encourage your attendees to donate to #ChangeTheHeart if they're willing and able. It will be available at: By donating to #ChangeTheHeart you help acknowledge and lament the true history of these lands now called Australia. 

Need more information or have questions? Please visit our FAQs page or email us at [email protected]