The beauty of a diverse movement

Scott Sanders reflects on the beauty of a diverse movement of Christians committed to loving God and neighbour through bold acts of justice.

When Common Grace launched a few years ago, I signed up as a volunteer alongside a small hotchpotch of Christians from different backgrounds, denominations and generations, exploring how we can come together around our shared love of God and neighbour.

Together we held on to a deep truth that God was calling the church to gather from its distinctive corners, to become a loud, gracious and compassionate voice for justice and an organised movement for Jesus-centred social change.

And thanks to the hard work of our volunteers from across the church we’ve been able to grow as a movement of nearly 40,000 Australians.

Three years on, I now have the privilege of leading this movement, and one of the joys of the role is the opportunity to meet with people from across Christian traditions in Australia. Just last week I met with a retired 94 year old Uniting Church minister who shared with me his heart for the future of the Church to be a voice of compassion and justice, which was echoed the next day by a 22 year old bible college student exploring how their faith integrates with the challenges in our world today.

God is weaving threads between the different fabrics of our Christian experiences to create a blanket that can provide warmth and protection to those exposed to the storms of injustice in our world today.

We each bring something incredible to the Common Grace movement, with our unique perspectives, our experience of God working in our lives in curious and fascinating ways, and our deep commitment to practising a public faith that speaks to the power, policies and institutions that oppress, marginalise or restrict the flourishing of all creation.

And now, as Common Grace prepares for the work ahead of us, we’re growing our team of volunteers and we want you to be a part of it.

Each of us have something precious to offer as we work together in faith, hope and love to see the heart of God expressed through our shared pursuing of justice, mercy and humility in our world today.

Practically, we’ve just posted five volunteer roles we’re recruiting for right now:

Beyond these specific roles, we also want to hear from you about how you want to be involved. If you’d like to volunteer with Common Grace, fill in this form and we’ll be in touch about how we can get you involved.

If you’re not in a position to volunteer, please consider financially supporting us on a regular basis, as we rely on those who believe in this work to fund it (and we're still 20% short of what we need each month).

At its heart, the Common Grace movement has always been about celebrating our diversity from a shared platform that gives voice to unheard stories, that deepens our understanding and engagement with faith-centred justice, and that creates opportunities for collective, bold action.

Together let us partner with God in his weaving the church together as a beautifully rich, diverse and active movement of Christians together finding common ground, working towards a common good, and sharing in God’s common grace.

Scott Sanders is the CEO of Common Grace, and had previously volunteered with Common Grace when we launched three years ago.