10 Things That Will Need to Change

Erica Hamence identifies 10 things that will need to change for Christian communities to be safer places.

As we long for a safer church, what will it take to see that happen?

Research shows that the task of changing culture takes a long time, yet we need to know where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. 

Erica Hamence identifies 10 things that will need to change for Christian communities to be safer places.

  1. Leaders will need to commit to learning more about Domestic & Family Violence before they seek to teach on it.
  2. Churches will need to repent and lament where they have enabled or excused abuse.
  3. Churches will need to integrate diocesan/denominational policies into their church practices.
  4. Teachers will need to integrate Domestic & Family Violence awareness into their preaching and teaching.
  5. Churches will need to partner with experts such as women’s shelters, social workers and police liaison officers in their local area.
  6. Members of churches will need to be equipped to care well for survivors and victims.
  7. Dioceses/denominations will need to commit to training the next generation of leaders/pastors on Domestic & Family Violence awareness.
  8. Youth groups will need to engage in prevention work, teaching about and modelling healthy relationships.
  9. Churches will need to foster the leadership of women.
  10. Churches will need to connect abusers with resources for repentance, such as men’s behaviour change programs.

Over the next weeks we will flesh out these changes with suggestions and resources for how we can start making the progress we need. 

However, one thing will remain constant: the need for prayer. 

Let us continue to pray to God that He does the deeper work of changing each of our hearts in every way needed: for courage, for those who need that; for humility, for those who need that; for repentance, where it’s needed; and for eyes to see where God is leading us.


Erica Hamence is the Common Grace Domestic & Family Violence Spokesperson. Erica is an Associate Minister at Barney's Anglican Church in Sydney.

Do you need support?

The following Domestic and Family Violence support services are available:

Domestic & Family Violence