Weary Hearts be Filled

Nguyễn Hữu Trí, community and justice catalyst pastor with Steeple Church, leads us in prayer.


On the eighteenth day of Advent, 2022, Nguyễn Hữu Trí, community and justice catalyst pastor with Steeple Church, leads us in prayer.

Weary Hearts be Filled


Creator God

Our parched and dusty land celebrates.

The thirsty desert is festive with flowers

orchids and desert peas burst with songs of joy

Kakadu and Daintree display your glory and splendour.

May your people turn from greed and violence to care and attend to the earth you love.


Spirit God

Give strength to our hearts and trembling hands.

Make firm our knees 

that we may continue to participate in your work 

to comfort those who fear the worst

encourage those who wait 

to affirm that God is present to rescue and set free. 

Fill us again with the power to deliver your good news to the poor

and proclaim a message of freedom for those that are locked away.


Jesus, Word of God

May eyes long blind be open to colour and light

may ears long deaf hear music and laughter

may legs long paralysed dance like brolgas

tongues long tied sing like lyrebirds

may weary hearts be filled with joy and life

may there be a new highway for those seeking reconciliation

may there be roads leading home for those seeking asylum

with smiles never leaving their faces

laughter and contentment be theirs to keep

misery and despair be made redundant. 




Prayer written based on Nathan Nettleton paraphrase of Advent verses Luke 4:14-21, John 1:1-5, 14-18, & Isaiah 35:1-10 @ laughingbird.net




Nguyễn Hữu Trí is a former refugee from Vietnam, and is currently a community & justice catalyst pastor with Steeple church in Balwyn Victoria. Trí and his family live, work, study and play on beloved land of Wurrundjeri.



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