Good News For Creation

Dr Miriam Pepper shares why she cares for Creation and Climate Justice and is supporting the new Justice Coordinator role.

In the face of climate and ecological crisis, I am included in and convicted by God’s love for all of Creation. The gospel, good news to the poor, the imprisoned and the oppressed, is good news to those affected by exploitation of land and resources, those on the frontlines of climate impacts, and the species and ecosystems under threat. We follow Jesus, who stood up with courage and audacity against injustices and built communities of inclusion. The Spirit empowers us to do likewise. 

This faith has inspired me to take action on creation and climate justice for many years, in my personal life, in my actions with others, in my local church and community, and in advocating for change in the broader church and society.

One of the ways I have committed to creation and climate justice is by financially supporting Common Grace.

Common Grace reaches across diverse Christian churches, inspiring, encouraging and supporting people to take action for Jesus and justice.  It connects people, some of whom may otherwise feel isolated and helpless, into a growing movement for change.  It offers prayers, worship resources, practical actions, and advocacy opportunities in a community of support.  Central to Common Grace is Aboriginal leadership and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice, an approach that is often missing in organisations working on climate and environment.  And as a small and flexible organisation, Common Grace encourages collaboration and enables its volunteers and supporters – people like me – to shape its work.  

Common Grace has already made many important contributions to creation and climate justice.  Reflective resources for Lent and the Season of Creation that ground us and extend us in our faith.  Vigils that enable the expression and experience of lament and hope.  Locally-based advocacy to members of parliament that builds our voice and develops our movement.  An attempted gift of solar panels to Kirribilli House – a generous, creative and prophetic action.  These are just some examples. 

Common Grace is looking for people, just like you and me, to help seed fund the new Creation and Climate Justice Coordinator role. This will greatly increase the capacity of Common Grace and its supporters to do this transformative work.  

I am excited about the prospect of the Common Grace Creation and Climate Justice Coordinator role and am choosing to give to the crowdfunding appeal. 

Please consider giving to and praying for this important ministry.  




If you'd like to support the Matched Giving Appeal for a Creation and Climate Justice Coordinator for Common Grace, please donate here.


Dr Miriam Pepper has helped Common Grace to organise prayer vigils for creation and climate justice and is part of Common Grace's Creation and Climate Justice Consultation Group.  She is a social researcher and attends South Sydney Uniting Church, on Gadigal land (Redfern-Waterloo, Sydney).  

Creation & Climate Justice