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Common Grace

Common Grace, a movement of Australian Christians passionate about Jesus and justice and seeking to act graciously and compassionately to the vulnerable and marginalised in our society.

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Common Grace is delighted to partner with Earth Hour to join the national conversation about climate change.

Earth Hour is an Australian-grown idea and 1 in 3 Australians take part.

It's a great time for the church to show that following Jesus overflows in love for our neighbours and our world. It's a great time to gather your community and witness to God's beauty, generosity and justice.

Could you host an event or go to one?

Check out our Earth Hour page and register to host or attend an event.


Why Earth Hour?

Right now, the global community is gearing up for an epic climate change summit to be held in Paris later this year. Climate scientists are describing the gathering as “our last chance to land a global agreement” to stop the most severe impacts of climate change.[1]

Sadly, Australia is currently ranked as the worst performer on climate change of all developed nations, and is a major threat to a successful global agreement.[2] The science is clear – the world must rapidly switch to clean energy. But whether that happens or not will largely be determined by the strength of public support for action demonstrated in Australia and around the world in 2015.

Aussie farmers are already being hit hard by climate change. Scientists predict that if we don't tackle climate change, the value of agricultural production in the Murray Darling Basin will decline by up to 72% by 2050.[3]


Earth Hour takes place every year on March 28 at 8:30pm. Communities gather together in candlelight and share a meal and have a discussion. This year we hope thousands of Christians will connect the dots between following Jesus and our ecological crisis. Find out more at


After you register, you’ll gain access to Common Grace unplugged resources that we’ve specifically designed to give you creative ideas and engaging content to help make your night great. You don’t need to be a climate scientist or have all the answers to host an event, you just need to believe that Christians have a responsibility to protect God’s earth and be willing to do something about it.

Or come along to a leaders briefing and work it out from there... You will meet a community of Christians who love God and celebrate creation. We'll share creative ideas for Earth Hour events, discuss the unplugged resources, and explore the challenges and opportunities we have to inspire our friends and communities live into a gospel that is good news for all of creation at Earth Hour and beyond. The night will include a light meal. RSVP to attend a briefing event here:

SYDNEY: Thurs 12 March (6pm - 8.30pm) at Barney's Church, 57-61 Mountain Street, Ultimo
Facilitators: Byron Smith (Common Grace) Jody Lightfoot (Common Grace)

MELBOURNE: Wed 20 March (6pm - 8.30pm) Wesley Church Melbourne, 148 Lonsdale Street
Facilitators: Scott Higgins (A Just Cause), Cath James (Uniting Church of Australia) Jody Lightfoot (Common Grace)

If you live outside of Melbourne/Sydney and want to attend an event, fill out the event briefing form here and we'll be in touch:

Earth Hour Leaders Briefing Night is supported by Common Grace, Hope For Creation, Just Cause, Uniting Church of Australia, Catholic Earthcare Australia and NEEN. You can go to our Facebook Event to find out more.

Why Common Grace?

Because we’re not a movement of clicktavists - we’re a movement of disciples who put faith into practical action for the good of the world. We want to build a movement of stewards who believe that the Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. 

Common Grace has joined up with Earth Hour to help further our climate change campaigning. Joining with a widespread annual event, provides a great and easy opportunity for churches to get involved in witnessing to God’s love in the midst of the challenge of climate change. Further, we are keen to support hosts and use this moment to build a network of Christians passionate about seeing the church lead on climate change. Out of this event we are planning networking and leadership training, with the vision of building a community of Christian Climate Champions who can seed a movement for change in our churches. We want to see our churches leading our nation in calling for radical repentance in the face of climate change. Please pray!



For more information head to

[1] “Climate talks slouch towards Paris as Lima summit finally wraps up,” The Conversation, 15 December, 2014
[2] “Australia named worst performing industrial country on climate change,” The Guardian, 9 December, 2014
[3] IPCC, Fifth Assessment Report (2014), WGII

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