I'm giving solar panels to the nation!

Christians crowd fund solar panels for Kirribilli House – Can you join in the delivery?


In less than one week, Christians from across the denominational spectrum and everyday Australians have crowd funded solar panels for Kirribilli House as a Christmas gift for the nation, to symbolise support for a strong Renewable Energy Target and a clean energy future.

The solar gift will be delivered to the current occupant, Prime Minister Abbott on Monday, December 15th, by a diverse group of local church leaders and constituents joyfully singing Christmas carols. Can you to join us for a fun delivery and show your support for renewable energy?

What will I do? Come dressed in “Christmas beach” theme, sing carols and be part of a photo for media.   

When do I arrive? Arrive 11am outside Mr Abbott’s electorate office, 17 Sydney Road, Manly on Monday, 15 December. Action ends before 1150am. Any questions, email [email protected] 

Who’s leading this? Common Grace - a diverse movement of Christians passionate about Jesus and Justice, in partnership with local church leaders from a variety of denominations:

  • Rev. John Buchanan, St Peter’s Presbyterian Church, North Sydney and Greenwich
  • Rev. David Fell, Youth Minister, St Matthew's Anglican, Manly
  • Rev. Dr Michael Frost, Vice Principal, Morling College and Founder of smallboatbigsea
  • Rev. David Gore, Uniting Church Minister, Manly Village Congregation
  • Jacqui Remond, Director of Catholic Earthcare


Why? As Christians we long to see a flourishing world, but our chance to pass on a clean energy future to our children is quickly slipping away. Our Government has been trying to decrease the modest Renewable Energy Target that’s been in place since the Howard era, resulting in a staggering 70% drop in investment into Australian renewables this year. But the Government has recently indicated they wish to restart negotiations on the Target, and are willing to budget from their previous stance, giving Christians an opportunity to do something practical to influence the decision before it’s too late. Now is the time for the Christian community to add their voice to the broad chorus of Aussies calling for a strong renewables industry. Be part of speaking out for renewables!

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