Ange and I were really glad we had the opportunity to join Aboriginal people from our local community in West End, along with over 50,000 other people from around the city, in the People’s Walk for Reconciliation in Brisbane on 4 June 2000, which proceeded across the William Jolly Bridge and concluded with a wreath-laying ceremony in King George Square. Reporting on the events of that day, the Koori Mail said, “The march was larger than organisers expected, with only about half of the marchers able to fit into King George Square for the ceremonies. As the marchers made their way to the square, an aeroplane wrote ‘Sorry’ in the sky. Among the marchers were Queensland Premier Peter Beattie and Brisbane Lord Mayor Jim Soorley. Soorley told the Courier-Mail, ‘We have seen today thousands of people in Brisbane come out to say we are sorry for the past injustices inflicted on Aboriginal people and we want to be reconciled and able to create a future together.’”[i]