I was a member of St Saviours Anglican Church at Redfern, and I walked with a group from the parish of Redfern – including from memory - Jan McIntyre and the late Bishop John McIntyre, Erin Doyle and others.

It was a wonderful time, meeting other friends - ‘on the journey’. There was as I remember it, a spirit of hope and expectancy… and it was great to be part of such a gathering of people.

Why did you Walk for Reconciliation in the year 2000?

I could do no other!!!

I had worked with the Aboriginal community in La Perouse, and was in Redfern at the time.

I had been part of the march for ‘justice freedom and hope’ – which was organised by the Uniting Church / Congress under the leadership of Rev Charles Harris ..and took place as part of the 1988 celebrations. I was living at La Perouse at the time, on staff of St Mark’s Anglican Church Malabar, and chose to spend the 1988 celebrations with my Aboriginal friends.

I moved from La Perouse to Redfern in 1994. .. Aboriginal Ministry was an integral part of St Saviours Anglican Church in Redfern.. with the wonderful Ray and Mackie Walsh and Ray and Sharon Minniecon, with the late John McIntyre as Rector.

What has changed in the last 20 years?

Personally, I am now an ordained Anglican Priest, living and working in East Gippsland. I enjoy working with and alongside two Aboriginal Priests – The Rev Phyllis Andy and The Rev Kathy Dalton.

It is hard to answer what I am doing for reconciliation … as I see it living alongside and working with respect, learning from and with Aboriginal people, sharing ideas and valuing shared wisdom, celebrating common interests and issues of importance, and where appropriate, giving thanks to God together… is all part of the journey towards reconciliation.

I serve alongside two wonderful Aboriginal Priests, in a Diocese where our Bishop, The Rt Revd Dr Richard Treloar, is totally committed to respecting Aboriginal people and place, and to working towards reconciliation in and through our ministry.

What is your vision of Reconciliation for the next 20 years?"

Who knows???? I would like to see an Aboriginal Voice as per the statement from the heart.. but further than that I believe our call / the call of all creation to glorify God and enjoy God forever… will only be enriched as we receive the wisdom and ways carried in the hearts of First Nations peoples. Maybe in God’s good grace in Jesus Christ we might all be free from the strictures of the past to find our place together, learn from each other and rejoice with God’s creation…. And who knows where we might find ourselves!!


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