We started in West End and walked over the William Jolly Bridge. Everyone was there. We had so much support! People from all walks of life were there to break down barriers, coming together. And when the crowd came up to George street we looked up and saw in the sky above us, stretching across the bridge itself -- SORRY -- the plane had sky written this message. It was beautiful that day.

Speaking as an Aboriginal woman, with 28 years service as a Murri Chaplain, I witness our people homeless, and incarcerated for petty crimes, living in poverty, and experiencing suicide in our communities. Reconciliation today means looking at the past and making things right through Closing the Gap which has been widening in so many areas.

What is your vision of Reconciliation for the next 20 years?

Reconciliation will be realised when Aboriginal lives will be valued, our experiences acknowledged and our ways respected.

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