In the 1st photo - my mother Jan Mithiran carrying a sign saying "Howard Pull Your Head In" with a map of Australia above it covered in photos of Indigenous Australians, the flag, and Indigenous artwork. I, Joe Mithiran, am on her right (to the left of her looking into the photo), carrying a Waratah. In the 2nd photo - the back of Beryl Grant wearing a cap in the right of the photo, just where the 28 from the camera date is. One thing I believe, is that the number of 250,000 Australians walking is grossly underestimated. The Sydney Harbour Bridge was packed from one end to the other for about 6 hours with people walking across. I think you will find there were more than 250,000 walking in the Sydney event alone.

Why did you Walk for Reconciliation in the year 2000?

The crimes committed against the Indigenous people of this country if left unacknowledged and unatoned for will keep Australia from ever being a great nation.

What has changed in the last 20 years and what are you presently doing for Reconciliation?

In some ways we have gone a little forward, eg. the apology, in other respects we have gone backwards, eg. the intervention in the NT and the rate at which children are being removed from Indigenous families has increased. I have signed a lot of petitions and consistently voted for parties that I though would do a better job of reconciliation than those currently in power.

What is your vision of Reconciliation for the next 20 years?

A full treaty incorporating Indigenous self determination funded by the return of Commonwealth lands