Why did you Walk for Reconciliation in the year 2000?

I was 6 years old when I participated in the 2000 Walk for Reconciliation in Sydney. The details are a little hazy as I was so young but my parents said that I went with a bunch of friends from school. One of my closest friends at the time is a Gadigal Girl so when we found out that a reconciliation walk was happening, our little minds insisted on being a part of it.

What has changed in the last 20 years and what are you presently doing for Reconciliation?

I am always challenged to do more for Reconciliation but at the moment it looks like acknowledging the different Aboriginal Lands I am walking on and travelling to. It means supporting my local Aboriginal organisations, and attending events to support the community. On January 26 this year I spent all day at the Yabun Festival which was packed full of incredible performances, lessons and celebrating Aboriginal culture.

What is your vision of Reconciliation for the next 20 years?

Our country needs to do a lot of work to heal the past and move forward in friendship with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters. I hope to be a part of that in some way.