Below is a range of resources to help you engage and reflect on throughout Season of Creation 2023. 

Find links to prayers, songs and reflections that you can use as part of your church or faith community's engagement this season. 


Acknowledgement of Country

Explore our new Acknowledgement of Country resource to help guide you in developing your own personal Acknowledgement of Country here

You are also welcome to use a special Season of Creation Acknowledgement of Country Wuthathi and Mabuiag Island woman and artist Safina Stewart shared last year with your faith or church communities this Season of Creation. You can view this video recording here



Explore prayers written and shared by our Common Grace community:

Other Creation and Climate justice prayers

Resources to pray for the care of the earth, our common home.

A wisdom-centric archive on faith, spirit, biodiversity and the environment

Worship Songs

  • 'It is Good' written by Luke Vassella - Video
  • ‘All of Creation Groans’ by Helen Wright - Video   Sheet Music in F Key   Sheet Music in E Key
  • ‘Garden’ by Mikali Anagnostis - Video   Sheet Music    Slides
  • 'Were You There' by Luke Vassella - Video 
  • 'Doxecology' album by Resound Worship features thirteen new, congregational worship songs that celebrate the wonder of creation, acknowledge our failures, and anticipate a glorious restoration in Christ. Find out more here.

Common Grace Blog Reflections

  • Dr Daniel Vujcich reflects on what the study of creation reveals about the Voice of Creation in 'A Small Tree will begin to grow'
  • Claire Harvey invites us to pause, listen and pay deep attention to the songs of creation in 'Up with the birds'
  • Artist and proud Wuthathi and Mabuiag Island woman Safina Stewart reflects on painting her work “Caring” for the UN Asia-Pacific Ministerial Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction - 'Caring', a hope-filled dance of lament and joy.
  • Dr Byron Smith helps us consider how nurturing curiosity, kindness and courage can help us live out God's deep love and care for His creation - 'What Can We Do?'

Book Reviews

Kids Resources 

  • Kids and Creation resource by Ruth Wivell
  • Book, video and other Common Grace resource recommendations 
  • Wild at Art - threatened species art competition for kids run by the Australian Conservation Foundation throughout August - Wednesday 7 September (Threatened Species Day) Find out more and submit your beautiful artworks here
  • Busy Beaks Game - "Busy Beaks is a card game about Australia’s birdlife that is equally beautiful and strategic. I played this game with my 5-year-old and 7-year-old and they both loved it immediately. We enjoy bird-watching as a family, so my 5-year-old took delight in collecting a flock of Superb Fairy Wrens (“Mum, this is your favourite bird!”). I appreciate the plastic-free packaging and thoughtful design of the game, where the gameboard is shaped like a tree with branches to place your bird cards as you play. And like every good game, there is an element of chance combined with just a bit of skill and forward-thinking. Busy Beaks designer, Phil Walker-Harding, has clearly designed a game to share his love of Australia’s birdlife and to celebrate their fascinating beauty, which fosters an understanding and care for them. It can be hard to find a game that both kids and adults enjoy playing together, but this one ticks the boxes - the only problem is finding the time to play as often as the kids want to!" Review by Emma Lalic, Common Grace's Supporter Engagement Coordinator. Read Emma's full review here.
  • Earthcare Game - “Earthcare is a fun board game about ways to look after the Earth. There are points you earn for doing different tasks to learn about and help look after our environment. I really liked exploring the different habitats and collecting things like rubbish or glass and metal that you can earn points from recycling later in the game. I would recommend this board game for 5-12 year olds. It’s fun and I learnt lots!” Archie, 9yrs 

Conversations - blogs, podcasts and videos


Spiritual Misfits Podcast - We're excited to share a podcast episode released for Season of Creation 2023, of Bianca Manning and Safina Stewart in conversation with Will Small, host of the Spiritual Misfits podcast, about Season of Creation and the Voice.

"When we think about this Season of Creation, it is a wonderful opportunity for community to tell out and about our God - how remarkable our creator is, how privileged we are to join in the work of our Creator in continuing to restore and make and heal...One of the things about celebration is that it can turn into praise. Praise and worship are a wonderful way for us to find our peace in God and with each other...When we are able to have awe and wonder at the Creator it gives permission to respond in awe and wonder at the rest of creation and awe and wonder at the magnificence of community that is activated for the purposes of bringing love, healing, restoration and life, to this whole experience of life - not just for now but for generations to come." Safina Stewart

"Climate justice and First Nations justice cannot be separated. Climate justice for us isn't just about this external environment but is actually part of who we are - the rivers, the mountains, these are all part of our stories and our culture. For me climate justice and cultural rights and social wellbeing are all completely interconnected. So as we approach this referendum, my prayer is that some of our values, of listening and learning and generosity and humility, can come to the forefront of our nation..that will benefit all of us, and our home." Bianca Manning

Listen and share this conversation today 👉 find where you get your podcasts or at

@spiritual.misfits is a podcast that deep-dives into discussions around theology and personal journeys with a wide range of speakers including well-known scholars, writers and a range of voices from across the Spiritual Misfits community. Explore further at 👉

Will Small is also the poet and voice behind Common Grace's powerful spoken word poem 'For a Common Home' shared earlier this year - you can check this out at

Other Recommendations:

Links to further resources


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